February 2016

Natural Disasters Require Immediate Aid, Aid Requires Skills And Tools

Picture the scene. The news channels cut to the latest news flash. Buildings crumbing under the force of a large earthquake. People flee their homes and offices, taking to their vehicles to try to escape the danger, escape the devastation.

This time, though, the pictures are more familiar, as it’s your town that’s fallen victim. Your country. You are the one in need of aid.

No-one builds a life in a home they spend thousands investing in expecting that one day they’ll find it reduced to dust at the hands of Mother Nature. Perhaps it’s a man made disaster, a plane falling from the sky or the sudden explosion of fuel at your local petrol station.

All these things can bring a happy life crashing down. You can’t predict where or when the next strike will come, but you can help those who’ve been dealt a tough hand to help put their families and lives back together.